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Current Build Times as of November 23, 2016

by Recreational Resort Cottages on 11/23/16

We get questions daily about how long it takes to build a tiny house, modular home, or cabin.  The challenge with answering the question is that there are so many variables.  A house can't be placed online to build until payment is received in a cash transaction or down payment is received and all loan conditions are met in a financed transaction.  Clearing loan conditions is not always a fast process.  And the build time can drastically change overnight.  So if we give you today's build time and then it takes several weeks for you to secure an approval and clear your loan conditions, then the build time can be completely different once your home actually goes online.  The next variable is that of which manufacturing plant we're building from; they each have a different backlog. Materials can also affect the build time, as some manufacturers of the parts used in the creation of your home might have a backlog of their own.  The biggest variable, though, is engineering.  If your build requires any engineering, it will delay the process. The engineering departments have their own backlogs which are separate from production.  So we have to secure your loan approval and get your loan conditions met, then get you through engineering, and then we have the actual build time.  And it's impossible to know what the build time will be in the future; we just have to wait and see.

What we can tell you is the build time as of TODAY.  In a perfect world if you were to order a house today and pay in full with no special engineering, then the following build times would apply:
Elite Series = mid to end of January
Park Series = mid to end of February
Platinum Cottages = mid March (this backlog is building fast so we expect to be into April very soon)
Rustic River Cabins = mid to end of January
Creekside Cottages and Creekside Cabins = end of January
SkyPark Series = beginning of February
SkyRanch Cabins = end of January 
Lake Series - mid to end of January
Pine Mountain Cabins = end of February
Classic Series = mid to end of February
Chapparel Series - end of January or beginning of February
Dreamseeker Tiny Towable Series = April

For those that need a house right away, we have a limited number of display models in inventory that are available for sale.  We have a variety of sizes and styles, but once sold, they are gone.  And it takes us just as long to get a replacement as it does for you to get your new order offline. 

Unfortunately, the backlogs and build times are controlled by the market and the number of orders being placed at any given time.  They are out of our control as are price increases and interest rates. And there is no way for us to predict what the build time will be in the future.  It could be shorter.  It could be much longer. Individually, you must assess the risk and determine when you need to place to your order to get yours built at the right time.

To learn about the build times in the future, call us at 1-877-219-4059 and we will share any information we have for the manufacturing facilities we represent.